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Rosire Kimwaki

With a recent performance at MOOV Cafe, and as a participant in the recent music incubator by ADMI, GIZ, and Goethe Institute Rosire Kimwaki sets herself up as a promising and soulful singer-songwriter. Enabling her passion for music and the arts as a form of self-expression and acceptance to soar through her songs and adjacent work.

As a young child, Rosire would sing and dance her days away, never truly knowing what it would mean for her later on. Starting her career as an alto in the RedFourth Chorus, Rosire found herself in music “Music allowed me to heal parts of myself I did not know were broken”.

Currently working on releasing her second single and recording her first EP, she could not be prouder to share what she has with the world.


IG: @Rosire_Kimwaki, TikTok: @officialrosire,


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