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About Me:

Sylvia Webbo

Sylvia Webbo is a Kenyan singer-songwriter who also plays acoustic guitar, an instrument which she has a teaching diploma in from the London College of Music (LCM). She has also studied up to grade 7 in LCM Contemporary voice. She grew up singing in church and has performed on stages such as Engage, Fret Venture, and the ADMI Showcase, where she was one of fifteen artists selected out of hundreds of applicants for a GIZ sponsored Incubator Program. Her musical influences include pop, soft rock, RnB, and gospel. Her singing voice has been described by many as unique and inspiring therefore the main reason she makes music is to be a voice that inspires hope, faith, and redemption among whoever listens. She wants her listeners to feel heard, understood, inspired, and joyful when they sing along to the very well-written lyrics to her song. Tears will be drawn out….the good kind hopefully. Sylvia’s other skills include voice-overs, writing, public speaking, and teaching.


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