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Welcome to the 4th episode of the podcast, in which we introduce the conversation about money abroad. Money is an important part of immigration; sometimes, perhaps, the very thing that takes a lot Kenyans abroad. Earning and spending money abroad works differently, and in this episode we get into this. We discuss a variety of differences in cost of living, which sometimes present a steep learning curve for the newcomer to Canada. The conversation goes on to discuss various aspects remittance, and its importance when looking at Kenyan immigration as a whole. Join us and listen in.

About Myself:
Cecilia Nyakaro is a co-host on the Kwenda Majuu Podcast and an entrepreneur with 8 years of experience working with corporate organizations in the printing and branding industry. My biggest career accomplishments include, successfully oversaw the branding of two new sites for Century Cinemax Limited in 2017 and 2020. Provided all marketing materials for the Joint NACADA, ISSUP and African Union Drug Demand Reduction Conference & Workshop in 2018 in Nairobi, Kenya. Supplied M-Kopa Kenya with marketing materials during the country wide roll out in 2014.


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