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Jairus Mola

Jairus Mola is a soulful singer, songwriter, and guitarist based in Nairobi, Kenya. He defines his style of music as a blend of afro-fusion and afro-soul. He expresses this exhilarating combination through a mix of various local dialects; Dholuo being the main blend with Kiswahili and English. As a result, many find his music being cross-generational and multicultural. Reinventing and reimagining traditional sounds and folklore, Mola offers a contemporary perspective on society. He intends to educate and equally entertain by sharing in Kenya and beyond, the cultural richness and depth of his nation’s heritage. Mola’s vision is to witness a youthful generation that is unafraid to express itself in its diverse languages. Understanding music as a universal language, it is rightfully said that, where all other forms of communication have failed, music speaks to unite. Thus, he hopes to give an identity to and embody Kenyan art and music; and eventually encourage a change of perception by urging people to embrace their heritage.


jairus_mola (Instagram), Jairus Mola (Youtube, Facebook, Twitter)


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