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It’s easy to think “they asked for it” when a young man, killed by police, is labeled “mwizi sugu.” But, Articles 26, 27, and 29 of the CoK 2010 give ALL Kenyans the right to Life, Equality, and freedom from discrimination and the freedom and security of each person. However, kwa ground vitu ni different. Young men from informal settlements, streotyped as criminals are killed by security agencies daily. In this episode, we sit with Kimani Nyoike, an activist from Kawangware to get insights into his lived experiences.

About me:

Lucia Ayiela is a digital activist, advocating social justice, public accountability, and rule of law. She is Executive Director of The Umma Action (TUA), a youth led and focused organization seeking to boldly and imaginatively catalyze civic agency and leadership among young people. She is also the National Elections Board Chair person Ukweli Party.

Lucia is a bold and courageous Pan-African with a love for reading and podcasting. She believes that activism is a citizenship duty and hopes more Kenyans can sign up and advocate for a better society that works for all.

She is currently focused on digital civic engagement and reimagining socio-economic capacity strengthening options for young people.

Lucia holds a Bachelors in Business Management and Information Technology from Kabarak University.

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