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On this debut episode of Try This on For Size, I hang out with my favorite online bestie and fellow earth sign Rosemary Wangari. We talk her emo girl fashion phase, “it’s not a phase mom!” building your career as a multidisciplinary artist in Nairobi (you better work!), the need for inclusivity in the Kenyan creative scene and why is it so hard to get a pair of perfectly fitting boots and cargo pants!?

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Try This On For Size is a Kenyan fashion podcast. Each week, host Wangu interviews a young Kenyan creative about their personal style evolution, their work, life outside of it and how fashion intersects with all of that. Kenya’s fashion scene is quickly growing and I want to give you an inside look into the personalities leading it & give listeners the depth of fashion beyond the misconception of its superficiality. Conversation topics will include but are not limited to sustainability, consumerism, industry culture, decolonizing fashion, art imitating life and other stuff.

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