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Debut Fema Male Artist of the Year award winner, Cyrillo Anthemist is a Musician who entered the scenes in 2014 and has since then been diving head-fast into Stardom. His mastery stems from great passion, and a love for culture which he uses to proudly represent his motherland, Kenya. Personal experiences and creative interaction with the stageful world are his clouds that rains imagination. Cyrillo began singing from a young age, and through performances, he gained control of his audience hence mastering his voice as he advanced. From local recording spaces in Kitale, Kenya, he moved to the big city, Nairobi, where he got to interact with established artists and producers that led to his first video release in 2017. Currently, he has singles out, and collabos across platforms, and has just completed a Digital Media Incubator, with selected artists in a GIZ program sponsored by the German Government. More is to come from the sensational artist.
Quote: It’s not always about the best song, it’s about being the great artist they know!!



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